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Ymittos 2

60km/h downhill speed!

First run

The first run of the team

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With Freebord and Longboard teams

Always wear a helmet!

The Avalanche Team - Inline Downhill in Greece

ILSA © 2016 Roller Skate Greece
  • Location : Athens, Greece
  • Sport : Inline Downhill
  • Riders : Christos, Aris, Thanasis, Kostis, Robinson, Olga, Dimitris, Nikos
  • Support : DJ Pamelita, Katerina, Vivian
  • Contact : Downhill Facebook Group
  • Email :

Avalanche - The Greek Downhill Team

We are a group of roller skaters who love speed. We have created a team for inline skating in Greece.

We regularly go to mountain slopes to enjoy downhill. Sometimes we also ride with other downhill teams (Freebord or Longboard). For the time being, we have selected close hills of Athens.

Safety is our top priority. Knee, palm and elbow protectors are essential. Helmets (even full face) are compulsory. We also suggest full leather suits, spine protectors and crash pants. Downhill happens in live traffic with cars going up and down.

All videos

Here are our videos of inline downhill in Greece.